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Differences between Tudei Kava and Noble Kava

Tudei and noble kava are two distinct classifications of kava that differ in their chemical composition, effects, and cultural usage. Here, we will explore the differences between these two types of kava, as well as their implications for consumers.

Tudei Kava

Tudei kava, also known as "two-day" kava, is named for its long-lasting effects, which can be felt for up to two days after consumption. This type of kava is primarily found in Vanuatu.

The primary concern with tudei kava lies in its high concentrations of the kavalactone dihydromethysticin (DHM) and the undesirable compound called flavokavain B (FKB). These compounds are believed to contribute to the prolonged effects and increased likelihood of negative side effects, such as lethargy, nausea, and a prolonged hangover-like feeling. Additionally, FKB is associated with the potential for liver toxicity, which has raised concerns about the safety of tudei kava consumption.

Due to these factors, tudei kava is generally considered inferior to noble kava and is not recommended for regular consumption. In fact, many Pacific island nations have implemented regulations to restrict the cultivation and sale of tudei kava varieties.

Noble Kava

Noble kava refers to kava cultivars that are traditionally preferred by Pacific island communities for their more desirable effects and lower risk of side effects. Noble kava varieties are primarily found in countries like Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa.

Noble kava has a more favorable kavalactone profile, with lower concentrations of DHM and FKB. This results in a more pleasant experience for the user, with reduced risk of negative side effects and liver toxicity concerns. The effects of noble kava are typically characterized by relaxation, stress relief, and mild euphoria, without the prolonged drowsiness or hangover-like symptoms associated with tudei kava.

For these reasons, noble kava is the preferred choice for consumption both in traditional settings and among Western kava enthusiasts. It is important to ensure that the kava you consume is sourced from noble varieties to minimize potential health risks and enjoy the best possible kava experience.


When it comes to choosing between tudei and noble kava, noble kava is the clear winner. It offers a more enjoyable and safer experience, with a lower risk of adverse side effects and health concerns. To ensure you are consuming a high-quality kava product, it is essential to purchase from reputable suppliers who can provide information about the kava's origin and cultivar. By choosing noble kava, you can appreciate the rich cultural tradition and unique benefits this fascinating plant has to offer.